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Breast Fins Trainer Model

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Trainer Model

  • Easy to install
  • Designed to hinge away from the foot unless you properly breast kick
  • Only gives positive feedback (power) when pushing from bottom of feet
  • Best used in small groups (1-4 kids)

    Feedback Provided:

  • Hinges away from the foot if you down kick
  • Opens from the foot if not recovered properly

    Trains you to engage the catch with the bottoms of the feet:

  • Must open up the feet fully before catching
  • Engages outer foot through full kick cycle

  • Notice that there IS a Left and Right fin
  • Place the foot on the TOP of the fin (so you can read the words)
  • Secure your foot with the Velcro strap
  • Wrap the heel strap around and into the quick connect
  • Tighten the heel strap
  • Attach the elastic ‘hinge’ to the outside edge of the fin

    Our Recommended Training Progression:
    We Recommend that you follow a few simple rules in training new breast kicks:

  • Never let them do it wrong (it won’t ‘work itself out’)
  • Start with our 4 stop drill
  • Do not continue with lane swimming and other drills until they can do it against the wall correctly and regularly
  • Once they can do this against the wall, do the same 4-stop drill down the line for just a few kicks
  • As they can do it right, you can add the pull and breathing to the process.

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