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    • Any unnecessary lateral movements
      • Crossover stroking
      • S stroking
      • Over compensating for breathing
    • Leading elbow on outsweep Improve
    • Stable stroke
    • Breaststroke hand recovery
    • Backstroke hand entry
    • Hands on flip turn
    • Workout
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
    • Feel the paddle move side-to-side in hand when crossing over
    • Watch for overcompensation by grabbing paddle with thumb/forefinger
    • Swimmers may complain that the paddle twists

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Freestyle

    Correct Outsweep When Breathing

    • Swimmers commonly overcompensate when breathing by pushing out with their opposite hand
    • This sets up the catch from outside the shoulder line
    • This can also strain the shoulders over time
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
    • Feel your hand setting up the catch outside the shoulder when breathing to favorite side
    • Watch for this problem to connect with their ‘favorite’ breathing side
    • Best to watch this from head-on video above the water if using video
    • Best to correct this with the Glide paddle, single arm freestyle, non-stroking arm down

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Freestyle

    Helps Ensure Full Outsweep


    • A full stroke should continue with a ‘push’ at the thigh
    • Don’t lift the elbow until the arm extends fully back
    • If the arms lifts too soon it will try to pull the back of the Glide paddle over the base of the hand
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
    • You will feel the Glide Paddle come off or pinch the strap on your finger
    • Be sure you elbow is straight before you lift the elbow out of the water
    • The wrist should bend backwards to complete the ‘push’ phase of the stroke
    • If using the finger strap, they will complain that the paddle ‘hurts’ when they outsweep

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Freestyle

    Ensures ‘Pinky First’ Entry on Backstroke

    • To set up the backstroke catch, the hand must enter pinky first and drive down in the water
    • The Glide Paddle will want to come off the hand if it enters with the back of the hand or crooked
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
    • By entering ‘pinky first’, your catch is ready by keeping pressure on the paddle bottom
    • Focus on starting the catch with pressure to your fingertips
    • This is best observed from directly above the head
    • If overreaching past the body line, the Glide paddle will cause more non-straight swimming

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune the Backstroke

    Clean Up Breaststroke Recovery

    • ‘Slicing’ the hands through the water with intensity on Breaststroke recovery is key
    • The Glide Paddle (+ Wrist Trainer) helps swimmers feel the resistance and find better recovery angles
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):
    • Practice high speed recovery with the least amount of resistance
    • Focus on a shallow extension with the least downward angle
    • Video or monitor from the side to see a clean, shallow extension

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Breaststroke

    Mix and Match Glide and Precision to fix Multiple Problems Together

    • Instead of doing 50 yards of each drill variation, choose between Glide and Precision to solve each problem
    • Mix and Match the Glide in 1 hand and Precision in the other hand
    • Use the Glide in the hand that has side-to-side problems, the Precision for dropped elbow, laying on arm, …
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis):                            
    • Feel the response from each paddle and make the corrections needed through the stroke
    • First identify each swimmer’s individual technique problems
    • Combine different similar drills (such as single arm free with arm up or down) with different paddles

    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Freestyle

    Group Technique Training

    Great Power Paddle for Muscle Development

    • Fins trap water to make a strong power paddle
    • Makes an excellent power development paddle for hard sets
    • The fins provide instant feedback to help ensure a quality power stroke, even when tired

    Upper Body Strength

    Clean Up Incorrect Hand Movements During Flip Turns

    The fins on the Glide Paddle will help swimmers feel incorrect arm/hand movements on their flip turns
    The hands should stroke (normally) through on each of the last 2 strokes, stopping at the thighs
    The hands don’t sweep out and try to ‘help’ the rotation, but be ready for streamline as the body rolls into the hands
    Try drills like ‘5 Stroke Flip turns’ or just normal flip turns during workout sets

    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

    • Be sure your hands finish at our thighs and not outside the body line
    • You should not FEEL any pull or slicing of the paddles into or during the flip turn


    Using the Glide Paddle to Fine Tune Flip Turns

    Coaches – Watch For These Problems

    Don’t grab the sides of paddle:

    Don’t place pointer/middle fingers around T-Grip:

    Don’t press the T-grip with the middle knuckle:



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