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    Woohoo - we’re back in the open water. Remember at Alert Level 3 there are a few rules. Swim in your own bubble, no drafting or hugging. Post swim keep that 2m social distance. Swim safe with high viz tow floats and warm wetsuits. Pools remain closed until Level 2 so stretch cords and other tools are a great option. We’re 100% Kiwi with proven contactless delivery – so make the most of Autumn and get your order on the way today (and make the most of some great bargains too) NEED HELP PHONE 0800 46 79 46, Our New Showroom is now at Unit 5 / 45 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, from June 10th 2020.

    Swimmers Best


    $81.75 $109.00

    • Improve ankle flexibility
    • Retrain ‘breast kicking’ on free and back kicking
    • Increase ankle strength
    • Fins flex to allow normal flip turns, standing, etc…
    • Act as ‘springs’ to push the ankles straight
    • Flex plate is free to move in and out of the top strap

    Kit includes:

    • 2 assembled KickRights
    • 2 install Velcro straps
    • 2 additional calf straps
        How to Install:


    • Insert ball of foot into the bottom strap
    • Tighten strap around back of heel
    • Wrap additional strap around calf and Flex Panel

    Stop Breast Kicking on Freestyle, Back and Fly

    • Great for the kids that naturally ‘push’ with their feet or ‘bicycle kick’
    • It will not make it impossible, it will just make it exhausting for them
    • The flat panel on the top of the foot, constantly reminds them NOT to bend with the ankle

    Improve Breast Kick – Recovery Phase

    • Helps ‘hide’ the kick recovery by actively making them bend the ankles behind the heels

    Improve the Breast Kick Engagement

    • Trains a faster, more deliberate catch at the ‘top’ of the breast kick
    • Most swimmers don’t bend their ankles fast enough and star their kick with a slice
    • With the KickRight, if the ankles are not flexed back, the slice is more noticeable
    • Practice single leg kicks (moderate-to-slow tempo) to focus on the ankles at the catch
    • Then practice ‘egg beater’ kick (on stomach or back) with alternating single kicks

    Improves Angle of Flutter Kick Feet

    • A common cause of ankle strain problems is rotating the ankle inward or sideways
    • KickRight will guide a straight back and straight down kick angle
    • It is ideal for people with ankle problems from using fins (a sure sign of angle problems)

    Support Tender Ankles

    • Swimmers often have tender ankles after a strain, break or other medical problem
    • The KickRight can help get your kicking going again when first getting back in the water

    On Hands/Wrist – Train a Better Catch and Push Phase

    • KickRight can also be used on your hands/wrists
    • It will help train swimmers to engage their catch from fingertips (or you won’t catch anything)
    • On both the free and back, it will help create a deliberate ‘push phase on the outsweep
    • For Breast stroke it forces you to clean up your recovery hands for the least resistance

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