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The latest iteration of the most iconic wetsuit in triathlon features a bold new look and improved performance. New for 2024, the Helix features our incredibly flexible seamless shoulder design with an improved neckline to maximize freedom of movement throughout your entire stroke and further minimize chafing. In addition, a repositioning of the Lift Panels further increases the wetsuit?s buoyancy and body positioning aid. The world renowned paneling and materials of the Helix stay the same to ensure maximum flexibility and enhance your stroke mechanics. Each generation of the Helix sets the bar a little higher and this one is no exception.

1. Increased Neck Comfort - A lowered and widened neck opening increases comfort and reduces chafing.

2. Seamless Shoulder Design - The distinct blue shoulders and back are now seamless which maximizes flexibility throughout your full range of motion.

3. Distance Per Stroke - 

Improved paneling across the back enhances your natural rotation to increase reach and maximize distance per stroke.

4. Ultra Thin Arms - Premium, ultra-thin, 1.5mm Yamamoto 40 cell neoprene in the arms provides flexibility, comfort, and speed.

5. Aqua-Feel Catch Panels - Hydrophobic, permeable textile catch panels return the feel for the water.

6. Reverse Zipper - Eliminates chafing at the neck due to the position of the zipper head and allows for a lower more comfortable collar.

7. The inside Count - Extremely flexible, 100% nylon ultra-stretch jersey is lighter and stretchier compared to other suits.

8. Maximum Allowed Buoyancy - A 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome panel flows from the central chest down to the hips and quads to provide the maximum buoyancy where its most needed. In addition, 4mm neoprene in the lower legs keeps you in a streamlined swimming position.

9. Layered Insulation Foam Technology - 

Lift technology uses ultra buoyant foam sandwiched between the outer and inner layers on the front of the legs to boost buoyancy and improve body positioning.

10. Premium Materials - The highest quality Yamamoto smooth skin neoprene is paired with 100% nylon, ultra-stretch jersey lining to create a suit that is lighter and stretchier than the competition.

11. Body Fit Panels - Gender specific contours and thinner, more flexible 3mm side panels have less buoyancy, allowing natural hip rotation and easier suit removal.

12. Quick Exit Legs - 1.5mm thin and flexible lower leg panels begin at the knee and flare out at the ankle making it easy to remove the suit in T1.


When it comes to a swimming wetsuit, two factors really matter: Flexibility and Buoyancy. Thinner neoprene is more flexible, while thicker neoprene will provide more buoyancy.

Blueseventy wetsuits are strategically designed to offer the most flexibility where you need it, such as the arms, shoulders and upper back area. We use thin, 1.5mm - 2mm neoprene in these areas to offer complete freedom of movement throughout your entire stroke.

Thicker neoprene is placed in areas that typically tend to sink for swimmers, and where flexibility is not key. You'll find 4mm - 5mm neoprene in the chest, hips, and upper legs to enhance your swim form to be as efficient and streamlined as possible.

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