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The Sleeveless Reaction is purpose built for the most efficient swim while keeping you cooler in warmer water. Matching the redesigned Reaction wetsuit, the Sleeveless Reaction takes all the key performance upgrades and removes the full sleeves. This allows better heat regulation to keep your core temperature lower when the water is warmer while still encouraging natural body rotation, increasing distance per stroke and increasing comfort in the neck. What does this mean for you? A more flexible, more comfortable sleeveless wetsuit that reacts to your efforts and returns more speed than ever before.

1. Easier Breathing - An improved, lower neckline increases comfort and minimizes chafing without compromising the seal to prevent water entry.

2. Sleeveless Core Cooling - When water temperatures are warmer (think above 70?) a sleeveless suit can help regulate your core body temperature keeping you cooler during the swim. A small sacrifice in speed can be a winning tactic as you head out of the water with a lower core temperature, ready for a hot bike and run.

3. Optmised Buoyancy - 5mm thick core and hips transitions down to 4mm in the lower legs to maximize your efficiency with a more streamlined body position.

4. Natural Rotation Hip Drive - Building off the Helix design, we've narrowed the center panel on the upper body and extended the thinner, 3mm, side panels through the hips to maximize your natural body rotation in order to generate more power, resulting in more speed with less effort.

5. Reactive Stretch Technology - 2mm neoprene with high stretch jersey offers greater mobility and reach throughout the shoulders and back, reducing fatigue and increasing distance per stroke.

6. Premium Materials - The highest quality, SCS coated, Yamamoto smooth-skin neoprene offers excellent flexibility and durability. We pair this with high quality, extremely stretchy jersey linings in order to produce an end result that never limits your movements while swimming.

7. S-Flex Side Panels - 3mm side panels on the legs help create an optimal fit across varying body shapes and improve the ease of getting into the suit.

8. Quick Exit Legs - 1.5mm thin leg panels make it easy to get out of the suit after your swim, decreasing your transition times. Reinforced seam taping allows you to trim the legs if needed.


When it comes to a swimming wetsuit, two factors really matter: Flexibility and Buoyancy. Thinner neoprene is more flexible, while thicker neoprene will provide more buoyancy.

Blueseventy wetsuits are strategically designed to offer the most flexibility where you need it, such as the arms, shoulders and upper back area. We use thin, 1.5mm - 2mm neoprene in these areas to offer complete freedom of movement throughout your entire stroke.

Thicker neoprene is placed in areas that typically tend to sink for swimmers, and where flexibility is not key. You'll find 4mm - 5mm neoprene in the chest, hips, and upper legs to enhance your swim form to be as efficient and streamlined as possible.

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