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    Woohoo - we’re back in the open water. Remember at Alert Level 3 there are a few rules. Swim in your own bubble, no drafting or hugging. Post swim keep that 2m social distance. Swim safe with high viz tow floats and warm wetsuits. Pools remain closed until Level 2 so stretch cords and other tools are a great option. We’re 100% Kiwi with proven contactless delivery – so make the most of Autumn and get your order on the way today (and make the most of some great bargains too) NEED HELP PHONE 0800 46 79 46, Our New Showroom is now at Unit 5 / 45 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, from June 10th 2020.

    Swimmers Best

    Presise Paddle

    $25.50 $34.00

    1FastCatch Precise Paddle


    • Subtle dropped elbow
    • Leading elbow on outsweep
    • Straight arm engagement (with Wrist Trainer and Power Pad)


    • High forearm catch
    • Feel for the water
    • Workouts
      • Test the swimmers technique under pressure


    • Covers only the fingers
    • Enforces relaxed fingers and thumb
    • Displacement paddle with a cup in the back
    • Works in conjunction with Wrist Trainer

    Perfects SLIGHT Dropped Elbow on Catch:

    • The back of paddle is open to catch water when dropping the elbow on the catch (paddle moves off hand)
    • As the paddle moves off the hand, the ridge on the T-grip can be squeezed to hold paddle for small flaws
    • The Precise is NOT a Junior Paddle… it is MORE sensitive to the catch than the Precision paddle!
    • Use the Precise for sculling and ‘initial catch’ drills to fine tune even the slightest dropped elbow
    • (but start with the Precision for obvious problems)
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):
    • As the paddle moves off the hand, the ridge on the T-grip can be squeezed to hold paddle for small flaws
    • Focus on driving the tips of the fingers down, while keep the elbow close to the water surface
    • Watch for overcompensation by grabbing paddle with thumb/forefinger
    • Pay close attention to WHEN the paddle moves off the hand (often the first problem is the outsweep)

    Using the Precise to Fine Tune Freestyle Catch

    Mix and Match Precise and Glide to fix Multiple Problems Together

    • Instead of doing 50 yards of each drill variation, choose between Glide and Precise to solve each problem
    • Mix and Match the Glide in 1 hand and Precise in the other hand
    • (Again start with the Precision for obvious dropped elbow problems not the Precise)
    • Use the Glide in the hand that has side-to-side problems, the Precise to prefect a good catch into a great catch
    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):
    • Feel the response from each paddle and make the corrections needed through the stroke
    • First identify each swimmer’s individual technique problems
    • Combine different similar drills (such as single arm free with arm up or down) with different paddles

    Using the Precise Paddle to Fine Tune Freestyle

    Group Technique Training

    Coaches – Watch For These Problems

    Don’t grab the sides of paddle:

    Don’t place pointer/middle fingers around T-Grip:

    Don’t press the T-grip with the middle knuckle:

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