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    • The most versatile drag sock resistance system ever created!
    • Drag Socks that do so much more than normal Sox
    • Use as Socks/Sox on your Feet or Calves (keep feet high or use for pull sets)
    • On Arms/Forearms – swim with open hand or fist to improve catch and recovery
    • On Waist as Skirt – use included belt to add 1 or both Bags around waist to drive the hips up
    • As Parachute – use the provided belts to drag as a parachute
    • Over Kickboard – slide over a kickboard to drag over your feet or add drag in front
    • Drag that is more than just socks. Use our sox to add nearly every type of resistance you could need!

    Resistance Gloves (PB10 size)
    4 sizes:
    – PB50 – huge size, for pull sets or powerful kickers
    – PB40 – medium size, suitable for swimmers (ages 15+)
    – PB25 – small size, suitable for longer sets (ages 11+)
    – PB10 – for hands or kids under 10 (these are VERY small)
    Note: some colleges use all sizes, most age groups use PB40 and PB25

    Drills and Corrections with Power Bags

    Power Bags: On Feet
    IMG_0128-Edit-2IMG_8494-Edit 4   

    • Kick at the surface with power
    • Reduce knee flexing
    • Power your kick from your hips
    • Add drag for pull sets
    • Trains to hide kick on pull sets
    • Great on timed sets
    • Close the bottom strap for harder workout

    Power Bags: On Forearms
    IMG_9856-Edit 2IMG_9831 2

    • Power the stroke and recovery
    • Build recovery muscles and speed
    • Increase recovery speed
    • Improve ‘high elbow’ or EVF Catch

    Power Bags: On Kickboard (Note only the PB40 size fits on Kickboards, not PB25)
    IMG_1062-Edit 3

    • Slide a Power Bag over the nose of most standard kickboards (tighten straps as needed)
    • Leave front of bag open to add resistance to normal kicking
    • Insert a pull buoy or other items into the bag on the front for high resistance
    • Add 1 strap belt around your waist and use other strap belt to drag the kickboard behind you
    • Drag over your feet to prevent kick from breaking surface for more power
    • Drag over your thighs to prevent thighs from breaking surface when breast kicking on back

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