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    Wrist Trainner

    $22.50 $30.00

    1FastCatch Wrist Trainer

    • Fits ALL paddles
    • Remind, not force, the desired wrist angle
    • Adjustable degree of wrist bend
    • Train with and without the Wrist Trainers for muscle memory
    • Wrist can bend back at the outsweep

    Ideal for men, women, and swimmers 11+ years old

    Improve Breaststroke Catch

    • The Wrist Trainer can help drive the elbows up quickly on the breast catch
    • An early catch requires some wrist bend while not too much (about 15-20 degrees)
    • Use it with the Precision or Glide Paddles for Breaststroke catch
    • Normal sculling, outsweep drills with these paddle options
    • With the Glide paddle the out scull has to be very flat and deliberate
    • With the Precision (or Precise) paddle, the catch will not allow much dropped elbow

    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

    • FEEL the Wrist Trainer pressing on your wrist as you catch
    • Drive your elbows forward and your fingertips down

    Using the Wrist Trainer to Fine Tune Breaststroke Catch

    Improve Backstroke Catch

    • The Wrist Trainer can keep the elbow up to create a quicker/stronger backstroke catch
    • It acts like ‘reaching over’ a line as it reminds your bend the elbow quickly
    • Helps minimize ‘dropped elbow’ on the catch
    • Train with single arm drills
    • The Glide paddle will clean up the entry and force a strong catch
    • The Precision paddle will help retrain a dropped elbow (which is often the most important on the breakout stroke)
    • The Precision paddle will force you to focus more on the power from the forearm

    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

    • The Glide paddle will allow you to FEEL any loss of power in the catch
    • You should not FEEL the Precision paddle to try to move off you hand, even slightly

    Using the Wrist Trainer to Fine Tune Backstroke Catch

    Create a Higher Elbow on Freestyle Entry

    • The value of a ‘High Elbow’ Early Vertical Forearm can not be overstated for all strokes
    • While the Wrist Trainer is designed to ‘train a 20 degree wrist bend’, it also helps create an EVF catch
    • With the Glide paddle the Wrist Trainer helps create a straight path under the shoulder
    • With the Precision paddle the Wrist Trainer helps to add focus to the forearm
    • With the Touch paddle, the Wrist Trainer can improve the EVF and wrist angle while developing power

    Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

    • You should FEEL your wrist bend, but not too much
    • The Wrist Trainer will make your strokes FEEL different… but different can be good!

    Using the Wrist Trainer to Fine Tune Freestyle Catch

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